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 We use local roasters like Keystone Coffee and are Peet’s and Starbucks authorized distributors. This assures you of excellent service, the highest quality coffee as well as the utmost freshness!

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend®
Peet’s most famous blend. Combines the best coffees from the world’s premier coffee-growing regions. Very full-bodied, complex, rich, and smooth.

A coffee born of friendship, this full-bodied, complex blend was the combined effort of Key Dickason, a retired army officer and a regular at our original Berkeley store, and Alfred Peet, our founder. Together they sampled combinations of coffees until they arrived at what is now one of our most popular blends. Of course we named it after our friend – and promoted him to Major in the process.

This is the coffee that many of our customers identify with Peet’s. Over the years it has gained a reputation among coffee lovers for its satisfying, rich and mellow (some say comforting) flavor qualities. The blend’s components contribute their regional characteristics but are balanced to make a well-rounded cup that is complex yet smooth. Peet’s always use the best coffees from each origin for this premier blend, so the customers who order “a pound of Major” won’t be disappointed. It produces an exquisite espresso.


Keystone Coffee
The master roaster is unparalleled in his craft. He hand selects only the best quality green beans from every corner of the world, hand roasting each order to maintain the fullest flavor. Keystone Coffee, California’s oldest coffee roaster has been roasting coffee since 1867. All of their coffees are roasted to order, packaged to the highest specifications and shipped fresh to assure superior quality and satisfaction. Their gourmet coffees can be found in the best espresso houses and fine dining establishments in the state of California.


Espresso Roast
Espresso is an entire approach to coffee cuisine.It is a unique dark to medium roast, pressed thru the fine grounds, under high pressure to produce an intense coffee experience. This distinctive espresso blend of Indonesian and South American coffees are roasted in a unique Mediterranean style. A complex and exotic blend of the world’s finest coffees, this creation produces a smooth, rich, full bodied espresso with a distinctive aroma. And its hearty flavor will shine through the milk or whatever else you may choose to mix with this silky brew. A very popular locally batch roasted artisan coffee. A hand crafted full flavored coffee blended for espresso.

French Roast
French is their medium dark roast, with a dark mahogany color. A blend of Sumatran Mandheling, Panamanian, Mexican and Colombian coffees.  A true connoisseur’s blend.

Grown in the coffee capital of the world, these flavorful beans are lightly roasted to perfection to ensure a great cup of coffee every time.


Ahhh…the Aroma of a Freshly Ground Espresso !

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